Two Navy Veterans Create a Smart Solution to Prevent Package Theft

Let's face it! Your security camera will not stop package thieves. This was a hard lesson learned by two Navy Chiefs who went on a mission to stop package thieves and Porch Pirates dead in their tracks!

In 2018 alone, 11 million people reported their packages being stolen. And that's only the ones reported, the true number is a lot higher. In-home security cameras have been proven to be ineffective, onsite pickups are inconvenient, and scheduling delivery times around work schedules has been a struggle for most Americans. As the number of online shoppers increase year after year, so too has the number of package thieves.

After becoming victims of package theft themselves, Senior Chief Andrew Edwards of Naval Base San Diego and Chief Jason Shaw of Naval Base Everett Washington came up with a brilliant solution that deters package theft. Their smart solution to this growing problem is the Package Leash Alarm System.

Package Leash makes your package a hard target. It easily secures your package to your residence after delivery and within seconds. It consists of a cut resistant security belt, a heavy duty combination lock, and is equipped with smart sensors that activate a loud alarm if the package is being tampered with or stolen. Most importantly, it works for all standard packages, all residences, and all weather conditions.

"Package theft is a crime of opportunity. These thieves don't know what they are getting and are looking for easy targets. They don't want to be caught and will not take the risk of stealing your package if it's too much of a hassle. So the key is to make your package a hard target for Porch Pirates and that's what our Package Leash Alarm System does," said Senior Chief Edwards

"Not for self but country" doesn't stop at the shores or at the end of a Sailor's service. It’s a wonderful thing to see Service men and women applying their skills and knowledge to protect everyone right here on the home front. They are currently reaching out and teaming up with various Couriers to include Amazon, Fedex, UPS, and DHL; as well as various Home Owner’s Associations; Property Managers, and Neighborhood watches to join this fight against Package thieves and save millions of Americans from becoming victims of Package theft.

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